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QUEST runs events that bring qualitative researchers from across the University into dialogue with each other and with qualitative experts from other institutions, as well as collaborative events with other qualitative research groups outside of Southampton.

We have also collaborated with the University of Southampton ESRC Doctoral Training Centre to provide training for academic staff and PGR students in the qualitative data analysis packages NVivo and Leximancer.

Information about upcoming events, and video and audio recordings of presentations are available here.

15/05/19: Mobility and temporaity in qualititative research methods

19/03/19: Graphic Methods in Social Research seminar

20/06/18: Listening better in qualitative research


11/12/17: Watching and Talking: Video Methods in Practice

10/07/17: Literary Narrative Methods

16/03/17: Ethnographic Approaches

08/12/16: "One post said ...": Curating comments as data in digital contexts

14/07/16: The interdisciplinary methods challenge: some highs and lows

18/03/16: Qualitative Methods and Big Data

24/11/15: Creative Research Methods

17/05/15: Documentary and Archival Research

11/03/15: Undertaking Community Collaborative Research

14/01/15: Using Digital Qualitative Methods

30/06/14: Taking Risks in Qualitative Methods

22/01/14: Psycho-Social Approaches to Research

11/12/13: Ethnography

09/10/13: Participatory Research Methods

15/11/12: What counts as qualitative longitudinal research? Joint QUEST and CIRCY (Sussex) event

10/01/12: What is Qualitative Research